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PPE.Exchange is a transparent marketplace connecting hospitals and health care providers to verified manufacturers of personal protective equipment (PPE). Think Amazon, but for PPE! PPE.Exchange handles payments, tracking and validation – saving time and money for both seller and buyers of PPE.

The Digital PPE Marketplace — No Fee or Subscription for Buyers, Transparent Pricing, Verified PPE Vendors

PPE Exchange is the world’s first marketplace to leverage blockchain technology to verify regulatory compliance and track order agreements so you can purchase with confidence.

The PPE Exchange Purchasing Process:

  • Apply to become a buyer
  • Access to available PPE for immediate purchase
  • Filter by location, item, price, etc.
  • Make an informed purchase decision
  • View verification documentation for PPE, vendor, and manufacturer
  • Checkout seamlessly with ACH or credit card (ACH fee: .8% fee max of $5, Credit card fee: 2.9% + $0.30)
  • Create a single order with multiple buyers, each bill individually


Pam Kirchem
[email protected]




Buying Process

For details on how PPE.Exchange can help your facility or system, contact Pam Kirchem at KHA ([email protected]).