Kentucky Hospitals Statewide Community Benefits Report

Current Report

Below are the files and documents that comprise the 2013 Kentucky Hospitals Community Benefits Report toolkit. It is designed to prepare your hospital for a community engagement effort that quantifies the many programs and services your hospital provides to your community at or below cost which fulfills a need in the community.

The wording can be changed to reflect your hospital’s story. Guidelines and suggestions are included.

  1. 2013 Benefits Toolkit Overview
  2. PDF of the 2013 Kentucky Hospitals Community Benefits Report
  3. Key Messages & Talking Points
  4. Hospital Template for Frequently Asked Questions
  5. Hospital Local News Release
  6. Hospital Viewpoint Column
  7. Hospital Letters to the Editor
  8. Hospital Letters to State Legislators and to Members of Congress
  9. Hospital Letter to Local Officials
  10. Letter to Local Organizations (e.g., chambers of commerce, civic clubs, faith-based groups, etc. )
  11. Memo to Promote the Hospital’s Community Benefits Data to Employees and Volunteers