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ChartWise’s three-time best in KLAS award-winning CDI software provides the most advanced and proven Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) and Denials Management (DM) solution available to meet the myriad of revenue cycle challenges faced by providers.

Developed by medical and coding professionals, ChartWise combines Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology with sophisticated clinically designed workflows that guide physicians, documentation and denials management personnel to identify and validate all clinical complications and indicators that have not been specified completely or accurately in the clinical record.

ChartWise is used by over 125 hospitals today with an average ROI of 13X and a rapid software investment payback during the first 2 – 3 months of using the software.

Software benefits for providers:

  • More complete documentation and associated reimbursement
  • Better acuity and HCC risk adjusted scoring and reporting
  • Reduced manual data entry errors, documentation gaps and chart reviews
  • Accelerated claim submissions and audit compliance
  • Reduced denials and revenue leakage
  • Increased CDI and denials management staff productivity and time savings
  • Increasing physician documentation, productivity and satisfaction
  • Seamless CDI, Clinical Validation, Coding and Denials Prevention workflow process
  • Comprehensive, real-time analytics and reporting
  • Fully managed and secure web-based solution
  • Quick implementation
  • KLAS award winning customer support, training and advisory services

 ChartWise is a four-time KLAS CDI Software Award winner.


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